Decorated GF Sugar Cookies
Customizable for any Occasion!

Thank you for your interest in my GF custom cookies!


We use premium Gluten Free products to ensure our cookies taste as good as they look!  
Custom Cookies are tiny works of art and a lot of time is spent planning out your order, designing, purchasing supplies, decorating, adding intricate details, and more.  Cost varies per set depending upon design details and supplies needed to complete each set.  Please keep in mind decorated cookies can take anywhere from 3-4 hours (or more!) per dozen, from start to finish.  

Basic Set:  2-3 Designs Per Dozen; Up to three colors.  Simple Design; $48-$50 Per Dozen
Premium Set: 3-4 Designs Per Dozen; 4 -5 Colors, Detailed Designs:  $52-$60 Per Dozen  
*1 Dozen Minimum Order

Design Details:  
I cannot duplicate the work of another artist and will use my own skill sets and unique tools to complete your order.  
If you have photos you’d like to send for inspiration purposes, please feel free to send my way!  

To Order:  
Please submit your inquiry via email to or give me a call at 402.676.5028

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