About the baker…

One of my dearest friends in high school and college had Celiac disease- and I just hated how she had to navigate life so very cautiously.  When my son was diagnosed with the very same disease, I grieved the experiences I knew he wouldn’t get.   So I made it my heart’s mission to ensure he didn’t have to feel like he was always missing out!

Baking for me, has always been a life-long passion.  That thing that fueled my soul when life felt weighted.  

During the peak of COVID-19, we underwent some challenging health issues at home, so I set aside a 15 year career in the Non-Profit sector to be full-time mom.  I spent nights experimenting in the kitchen, and pawned off all of my goodies to neighbors and friends.   Many couldn’t believe my recipes were entirely gluten free, and I knew if I had won over the hearts of those that aren’t following a gluten free diet, that I had something I should probably start sharing with the gluten free community!  

With so few safe GF options in the Omaha-area for baked goods, I finally decided to take the small business leap.   Omaha has welcomed this little business with open arms, and our GF goodies have slowly been making their way throughout the U.S!  

We are 8 years into our Celiac journey and know the difficulties of cross-contaminants are many.  Our home-based kitchen is entirely gluten free and celiac conscious.  

Thanks for being here!  :)


What’s in a name?  

Perhaps a bit misunderstood, the Queen Bee is not at all the “ruler” of the hive, but the mother.  The majority of her life is spent in the hive, so she does not have the opportunity to visit the flower or experience the sweet taste of honey.  

With a primary diet of royal jelly (a substance secreted by the worker bees) … I think the celiac community can most certainly relate to these fascinating creatures!

We meticulously plan our days while those around us do not have to think twice about their food options and sources that surround them.

The Queen Bee’s journey is hard, but the processes and roles of these tiny creatures never cease to amaze me.  

They’re strong and fierce, because they have to be.  

Welcome to Queen GFB

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