Frequently Asked Questions

Do your menu items contain peanuts or tree-nuts???

Peanuts or tree nuts are not used directly in any of our menu items (we do use coconut).  However, cross-contact may occur during ingredient production.   We use Loranne’s bakery emulsion as a flavor enhancement in the majority of our standard menu items.  This product can be removed from custom pre-orders as their allergen statement indicates it is produced on shared equipment lines.   *We do not bake with, prep, or store peanut or tree-nut containing ingredients in the kitchen, and every effort is made to avoid cross-contamination, however we are not a 100% nut free facility.  

Can you provide an ingredients list?  
Absolutely.   We have ingredient lists built out for all menu items. We are working on getting these up on the website, but in the meantime, send us a message and we can send over ingredient lists for any menu item.  

Do your menu items contain soy?  
The majority of menu items do contain soy,  however , modifications can be made for custom pre-orders.  Soy-free orders will be priced higher, as alternative soy-free product costs are unfortunately much higher than our standard ingredients.  

Can I get a discount for bulk items?  
As a cottage bakery, we don’t quality for wholesale pricing as we don’t have anywhere to store bulk ingredients so our cost is the same for products regardless of how many we make.   We don’t have assembly lines to help us mass produce items so unfortunately we cannot offer discounts for bulk orders as profit margins are already incrediblow for quality gluten free ingredients.

Other questions?    Just ask!  

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